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Nigerian Movies 2017 Latest Full Movies No man has the right to cheat on his woman ,but no woman should fast forward her funeral because of infidelity of men , 2017 Nigerian Movies|Nigerian Movies 2016 Latest Full Movies Starring queen Nwokoye Also please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below regarding this movie • Read More »

MUST MARRIED MEN CHEAT – Nigerian Movies Latest Nigerian

Latest Nigerian Movies 2016|Nigerian Movies A one woman squad partners with each of her friends separately for different reasons but unknown to them all, her personal interest is paramount and she would do away with any of them to achieve this. Starring: MAJID MICHEL, YVONNE OKORO, EDDIE MARTEY Please remember to subscribe to our channel • Read More »

Caught In The Dark – Nigerian Movies 2016 Latest Full

Nigerian Movies 2016 Latest Full Movies Don’t act too smart or try to cheat on your wife or husband or girfriend or boyfriend and if you must really cheat, you have to be careful and pray you don’t full into a ditch , they say’ A cheat must be cheated’ this is the story of • Read More »